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Buy premium ceramic car coating.

What is ceramic coating?

You've probably heard of ceramic coating, usually used on cars. What is this actually?
Ceramic coatings are often used by professional car detailers

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There are a variety of car coatings available, but few are easy to use without streaks and spots. Usually they also have a long hard time of at least 24 hours. There makes right

Nanoglans Hydrophobic coating spray the difference. Made from glass nanoparticles SiO2 in combination with a blend of polymers it creates a revolutionary formula to protect your car with a super shine as the end result.

Nanoglans Coating spray contains both the components of the ceramic coating and the glass coating. The formula links this combination with polymers, making it much easier to use.

Types of CoatingsDrying time
Ceramic coating48h - 100h
Glass coating48h - 100h
Nanoglans Coating5 minutes


Apply the ceramic coating yourself

Ceramic car coating 9H is difficult to apply without smudging.

Nanoglans Coating Spray with its revolutionary formula, can be applied without stains or streaks and works immediately without drying time.
The hardness of Nanoglans is equal to 9H.

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