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    Nanoglans auto coating spray - 500ml (3-pack)

    53.68 incl. VAT

    Protect your sustainable car with Nanoglans coating. The product has the good properties of both ceramic and glass coating, but does not require a cure period of 24 hours.
    You create a showroom look that is dirt and water repellent. One treatment lasts up to 6 months. You create a layer as hard as diamond that you protected your car for weeks. Pack of 3 pieces

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    Nanogloss car coating spray + Shampoo V2 + Clay Mitt + 2x Premium microfibre

    66.03 incl. VAT

    Nanoglans coating and maintenance kit.
    Save on the set and get everything you need to protect your car, bike and boat.

    The set contains:

    • 1x 500ml Nanoglans Coating spray
    • 1x 1L Nanoglans Shampoo
    • 1x Clay Mitt detailing Medium
    • 2x Premium Microfibre cloth 30 × 30
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  • Sale! car wash glove

    Nanogloss Car Wash Glove DUO pack

    16.49 incl. VAT

    The Nanogloss 3D Microfibre Wash Mitt has great absorbency. The 3D woven fibers make it easy to remove dirt from your paintwork or other surfaces.

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    Nanogloss PRO Wheel Cleaner & Removes Grease & Iron | 500ml (3 pack)

    41.28 incl. VAT

    The Nanogloss PRO Wheel cleaner removes dirt, such as brake dust (iron particles), grease and tar in no time.
    This is thanks to fast-acting nanoparticles that loosen and insulate the dirt. Both for rims and on paint.
    Now in advantage pack of 3 pieces.

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